AFTENPOSTEN 12/2-1997, Idar Karevold:
A significant effort and an impressive documentation of both the music of Bach and of the conscientious collaboration of two Norwegian performers.

Lotsberg and Nordstoga deliver a spectacular interaction. It is a matter of extremely demanding works. In some movements there are two conversing voices, which pro­gress with a precision which only the most experienced master of Bach is capable of conceiving. The young violinist Geir Inge Lots­berg delivers an exquisite inter­pretation. He has assimilated the sonatas in a manner which illustrates that he has succeeded in getting inside of them and together with Kåre Nordstoga, he provides them with a form and content which is both enthralling and engaging.

NRK MUSIKKEN March 1998, Håkon Heggstad:

Nordstoga has taken on the (young) Geir Inge Lotsberg in a somewhat peculiar but nonetheless sonorous album. The six sonatas for violin and piano are often performed on the harpsichord, but here we are treated to the organ instead. The result is unusual, but beautiful. The interplay is precise and vivid and there is an energy throughout the more rapid movements. The slower portions are played with great expression, perhaps too much so in some cases - but it is never sentimental. The sound quality is extraordinary.